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We at Holistic Search, like many other search marketing professionals read a lot of online resources as part of the day to day learning process. With so many resources out there it can be difficult to know whats good and whats not. Introducing the TSMR page to Holistic Search, a page dedicated to the best of search marketing blogs out there.

This page will be updated on a regular basis by the team at Holistic Search and is open to any blog dedicated to search marketing, online pr and social media

How do you get on the Top Search Marketing Resources (TSMR) list?
I guess the first thing to say is let us know about it, if we don’t know about it we can’t add it. Link to the site, send us an email – how you do it is up to you.

In terms of what we look at for sites added to the list, we are looking for quality resources – offering valuable insight into the modern digital marketing landscape – not just any old blog to the list. However that said we are not just going to add blogs to the list for the sake of it. If it isn’t updated regularly or doubles up as your personal blog there is little chance of it getting in there


Andrew Girdwood – Head of Search at BigmouthMedia in Edinburgh and self confressed ‘digital marketing geek, blogger and gamer.’

BlogStorm – Leeds based blogger Patrick Altoft tackles various aspects of SEO via the popular Blogstorm blog.

Brent Csutoras – Respected search marketeer tackles a wide range of subjects including search and social media.

Blending the mix – a blog exploring the world of web 2.0, social media, blogging and PR, by Paul Fabretti – Social Media ‘Guru’ at Amaze in Manchester.

Copyblogger – Brian Clark’s superb blog covering copywriting and marketing.

Cornwall SEO blog – ‘Mr LinkBait’ Lyndon Antcliff’s SEO & social media blog.

Cre8pc – One of the earliest blogs I used to read – Kim Krause’s blog on usability and holistic search marketing.

Daggle.com – Danny Sullivan’s personal blog – Highly recommended read.

Dan Zarrella – is a self described, “Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist”, and a web developer who blogs about social media, viral marketing and SEO focused research.

Dave Naylor and Dan M etc – Not afraid of speaking his mind, the UK maestro himself talking candidly about SEO
(and timeshare)

eConsultancy – E Marketing blog covering all aspects of digital marketing

E-Marketing Performance – Stoney deGeyter and others from Pole Position share various thoughts regarding search marketing.

Fantomaster – Ralph Tagtmeirs blog – one not scared to go where other blogs fear treading.

  • Forrester Research – Various research pieces from the team at Forrester
  • G
    Google Blogoscoped – Phillip Lenssen’s Google centric blog

    Michael Gray – Well know US search marketeer blog. Often contraversial, often entertaining, always though provoking

    Brian Eisenberg/Future Now – On a personal level Brian was one of my favourite panelists from SES 2008, read the Future Now blog here.

    Hobo Web – One of Scotland’s finest Shaun Anderson tackles various aspects of SEO

    Hamlet Batista – Fusion of Hamlet Batista’s own experience, research and careful experimentation.

    David Harry (aka TheGypsy) – Trail of the firehorse. Great SEO Geeks resource.

    Irish Wonder – Tackling search marketing issues darker than a pint of Guiness

    Jane and Robot – Recommended blog from Vanessa Fox(ex Google) and Nathan Buggia (Live Search)

    Jane Copeland – SEO Chick, Ex SEOMoz er Mozzer now with the Ayima Search Marketing writes about here experiences as a search marketeer.

    Jeremy Zawodny – Yahoo Employee. According to his blog talking about ‘Random thoughts on technology, aviation, and life in general…’

    John Battelle – Think we all know about the Battelle Media blog, don’t we???

    John Andrews – Great blog from John Andrews where no subject on search marketing is safe…

    Kate Morris – Director of Client Strategies at New Edge Media in Texas and influential tweeter.


    Marketing Pilgrim – Fantastic US based blog run by Andy Beal – oh and where I do some of my guest posts. Highly recommended for anyones RSS feed…






    SEOptimise – Kevin Gibbons and the gang on various aspects of SEO. Great UK based read.

    State of Search – Pan-European Search Marketing blog with a range of respected search marketing professionals offering their insights into the world of search engine marketing and social media




    Wiep.net – Dutch link marketer Wiep Knol explains how creative link building and link baiting can improve your website’s rankings.


    Rob Watts Latitude’s Rob Watts SEO and Online centric blog.
    Joost de Valk Online Marketeer, blogger, WordPress Wizard and webdeveloper, fills this blog with all sorts of WordPress hacks & tips, articles, SEO tips


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