Google extends footprint into RTB display – launches Open Bidder RTB platform

by Peter Young on May 21, 2013 · 0 comments

Its interesting to see history almost repeating itself, within the display market as the Search Engine behemoths Google, Yahoo and Microsoft continue their war in other areas. Despite the fact that display advertising certainly pre-dates search, the continued growth of the search engines in this marketplace continues unabated with real-time bidding being one of the key drivers behind the re-burgeoning popularity of display advertising.

Last Thursday at Google I/O , Google announced the launch of Open Bidder for developers to build real-time bidding solutions. The product. currently in Beta status, uses the Google Cloud Platform and DoubleClick’s real-time bidding protocol. It will allow developers to quickly create innovative RTB campaigns.

The product which has taken over a year to develop – was covered in this blog post on the Ads Developer blog

Currently, companies interested in building their own real-time bidding technology face significant barriers to overcome, including:

  • Development and maintenance of a scalable and secure infrastructure for their bidder
  • Development of a robust system to apply bidding logic to incoming bid requests
  • Development of a bidder with sufficient latency at scale to meet real-time bidding requirements

Open Bidder removes these barriers by providing a customizable bidder toolkit with a reference implementation that developers can adapt to plug in their own bidding logic and data. Additionally, we provide an administration console for managing bidder and load balancer instances within Google Compute Engine. With Open Bidder buyers can significantly lower the latency of their bidders by leveraging Google Compute Engine’s scale, speed, and proximity to DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now buyers can focus on developing new and innovative bidding logic instead of worrying about the complexity of scaling to over 250,000 qps while responding in under 100ms.

With Google increasingly trying to tie together many facets of the digital marketing channel mix, its certainly a  bold statement from Google. If your interested in becoming a beta tester, you can apply here 


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