Case Study: Fergie Time from Talksport.

by Peter Young on May 10, 2013 · 0 comments

Obviously being a big Liverpool fan, I can’t say I was hugely disappointed to see Alex Ferguson leave Manchester United. After all they have been the bane of my life football wise for as far back as I can remember. On the counter side, I received an interesting infographic from the folk over at Talksport with some of the stats relating to the news breaking back on Wednesday of the departure of Sir Alex from the Red site of Manchester

Obviously Talksport were one of the first radio stations to announce the departure of Sir Alex, with social media being a significant outlet for the Talksport Media team. As such they were able to capture that data and produce a nice breakdown of what sort of impact being first to break these kinds of stories can have on normal social media trends. Of particular note were the following

  • Twitter Mentions Up 495%
  • 98,000 clicks from Facebook and Twitter alone to their website
  • 376% increase in site impressions

The amplification of their traditional media would have no doubt helped this – but its still a considerable increase on their normal volumes of social media traction.

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