Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference – #RIMC13 Day 2

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Dennis Mortensen - CEO of Predictive Analytics company

Photo Credit Web Analysts

Dennis opened with a story about going into New York to purchase a mobile phone and how he was approached by someone looking to buy some cocaine.  He was talking about how an algorithm would have been unable to predict a series of events that happened and the need for human intervention is still needed.

He then went on to talk about the gathering of historical data to help with decision making.  Likening the way in which algorithms gather data to help improve their decision making.  This lead into the fact that his business Predictive Analytics helps businesses choose which news/content they display on their homepage.

Dennis believes the follows the following 3 principles when approaching marketing:

  • Ability to predict demand for your product
  • Ability to predict how to produce in cost effective way
  • Ability to market your product in the best way
Algorithms can do a much better job in attempting to figure out and predict a long term business plan, relating to figures and demand for your product.  For breaking news, it is much more about human intervention and how they can contribute to news as opposed to algorithms looking at patterns.
You need to think about what content goes where !!
When you find yourself trying to promote a piece of content that is complete disconnect to your audience, the biggest cost here is the lost opportunity not just the wasted advertising spend.
We need to empower humans to take advantage of data and do analysis that contributes to true and honest decisions.

How to win at Mobile SEO

Cindy Krum - from Mobile Moxie

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The 3 basic options you have for developing a mobile website

  • responsive design
  • mixed solution
  • separate mobile pages eg.
Repsonsive design
  • one url
  • same content being sent to different device
  • you dont have to maintain 2 different versions of site
  • it is less intensive on Google’s resources
  • reduces risk of bounce rate
  • harder to target mobile specific keywords with one set of content
Mixed Solution – RESS - Responsive design with Server Side Components
  • most complicated and still new – fewer standard practices
  • harder for Google to crawl than responsive, but only slightly
  • reponsive design SEO rules apply but add in the ‘varies’ HTTP header
  • smartphone bot witll get whatever you are sending to an IPhone
Separate Mobile Pages
  • most taxing on Google’s resources
  • not all content must be mobilized
  • mobile site structure mimics desktop
  • easiest for targeting mobile-specific keywords
  • SEO elements can be duplicated
Mobilization Engines have a habit of not pulling through SEO elements of your content, so you should always check that this is happening, otherwise you risk issues further down the line.
Example given of a directory that had only created mobile home and landing pages, but the directory structure wasnt, so this created a conflict when the Mobile Bot visited the site.  The solution was to incorporate responsive design to the remaining content to present content in the best way to the Mobile Bots.
E-commerce site example where parsing errors meant that the site ranked for specific terms, yet produced mobile page then re-directed to desktop version, which then meant that an error occurred which led to poor UX and drop Tablets

 Tablets are used more often than phones for video consumption

How to annoy mobile users……. or not

Pierre Far – from Google

Photo Credit : Twitter

Feature Phones vs Smartphones vs Tablets

There are 3 different crawler agents for mobile – but not a specific one for tablets

  • 2 for feature phones and one for smartphones
Ebay sold £70 million of cars in Q1 this year through mobile sites, demonstrating the importance of getting mobile right !!!
Smartphone re-directs contributing to a poor UX, serve the desktop version rather than re-directing and creating potential 404 errors.
  • avoid irrelevant cross-linking
Page speed – how to get a smartphone page to load in under 1 second
Pierre’s top tip for the day - NEVER do Java-script re-directs from desktop to mobile

Rich Quick – Arnold Clark

Photo Credit : Twitter
Rich has been with Arnold Clark around 18 months and is responsible for web design.
2011 – 7% of all sales in USA on mobile vs 2012 was 24%
58% of marketers ignore mobile email which creates a massive opportunity for you as a business.
  • Imagine that you are always going to a mobile when designing email marketing, reducing risk of failure further down path.

By moving to a responsive approach it focuses on what actually matters to you.  Too often you come across a ‘busy’ website where the sales message becomes lost.

You have to prioritise on large sites when making transition to responsive design, Arnold Clark has over 9000 pages so they have identified the ‘money’ pages, the ones that convert and over time will move to a fully responsive site.

Majority of browsing done using tablets, so think about this when developing sites.


Tools of the Trade session

Gary Illyes from Google – Crash course in Search

Photo Credit :

Google Bot is the way in which Google communicates with the web.

It is important to respect a webmaster’s wish not to crawl specific urls

Google breaks the Internet down into 3 key components

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Serving


Crawling – within Webmaster Tools you can limit the frequency of crawls by Google Bot if necessary


  • overloaded content with keyword stuffing are likely not to be crawled
  • duplicate content – google will try to decide which content to index
  • Links – ensure noindex attribute is used properly
  • Spam – you will receive a GWT message if Google believes your site is subject to spam


  • snippets
  • search appearance
  • missing result
  • rel-alternate-hreflang


Jason Dawkins – from Webtrekk - From Data Integration to Digital Intelligence

Photo Credit: Webtrekk

Just because you are using multiple channels doesn’t mean you have a cross channel marketing strategy.

  • user watches tv advert
  • user visits website
  • analysis/traffic attribution


Capturing customer journey to understand learn about the flow of a purchase from the initial interaction with the brand, allowing for a time lapse till actual purchase of product.

Integration of all different channels such as social media, email marketing and mobile applications.

  • be an analyst – thinking like a CEO to understand what THEY want !!
  • 100% data driven along with 100% management qualities
Moving from Statistics, incorporating Web Analytics and finally ending in Digital Intelligence.


Matt Roberts from Linkdex – In a World of Data

Photo Credit : Linkdex

  • Bad questions = bad answers

What questions can you ask data to derive a decent response from your data ?


2 types of content

  • Content to be shared
  • Content about keywords

Once you have the data about the content, you can audit it to understand the value it provides to your business.

Matt is amazed by the amount of websites that track keywords with Linkdex, yet fail to actually have content on their site about that topic – BUILD A PAGE !!

  • we dont prioritize what we write, we write what we feel like
  • Identify pages that make you money

It is important to identify key influencers and how they can be beneficial to your content.


Laurent Boninfante from Acquisio – using the tools of the trade to optimise biddable channels by automation

Photo Credit : Acqiusio

Automation will save you, which is a currency you never have enough of.

Acquisio is a suite of rule based and algorithm based automation strategies.

Important to be able to convert your objectives into tangible actions to ensure they are achieved.

Alogrithimic automation allowed for :

  • controlled CPA
  • Increased volume of subscription of 4 times.

Dont waste money on re-targeting in long term – its likely if someone didnt buy your product initially, there is a good chance they aren’t interested.


Philip Petrescu - from Lead Generator

Photo Credit : RIMC

Techniques that you can use to increase the conversion of your website

2 books recommended by Philip are :

Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

Influence by Robert Cialdini

  • how can you fascinate your audience.
  • if they dont remember you, then you have failed to make a difference.

The most successful brands create triggers around things that would be otherwise meaningless.

  • If your message fails to fascinate you will lose the sale, before you even have a chance of making a difference.
  • Even if you dont have a logo, you still have a brand
  • Every time you interact with your audience, be it through a tweet – then make it count !!!
  • Always keep your promise

Make your products smart and easy to use


Ultimately, try and make people fall in love with your products



Jonathan Forster – Spotify

  • Making a monster come alive isn’t always the prettiest process

Vision of Spotify

  • Deliver all the world’s music to any user
  • Support artists along the way

Complex hub of pipes supports the Spotify infrastructure

Its amazing to see the way that people share music.


Jonathan’s dad puts together music playlists and sends them to him, as he is concerned Swedish radio wont cater for his grandchildren.

examples of apps created using Spotify’s API

Songkick – scans your music library and suggests concerts when they are local to you.

The Byrds and The Bee (Gee)s – works out based on your birthday, the songs your parents may have been listening to at your conception.

Users who are social and use the product more increases the likelihood that they will pay for premium service.

  • 2nd largest digital revenue stream for labels
  • £500 million  back to the music industry
  • in over 20 countries and growing
Local successes such as Nomy
  • created music in his bedroom
  • reached number 9 on Spotify Top List
  • makes a living from Spotify and been approached by labels


Without Music life would be a mistake  - Friedrich Nietzsche


Lisa Enckell from Wrapp

Photo Credit : RIMC

Wrapp connects friends with retailers and brands they love.


  • identify the problem and work hard to solve it


Many brands struggle with mobile marketing.

New media requires new ways of advertising – interesting times ahead

Making sense of mobile is key to this.


Number 1 question in retail execs is “What are you doing in social/mobile??”


  • many solutions out there to monetise mobile and many more still to be invented.
Wrapp managed to reach 1 million users faster than Pinterest and Twitter


To send the gift card you download the app and then send via Facebook – in essence users create users.


Marcus Taylor – The Muscians Guide

Photo Credit : Marcus Taylor


  • if you havent tried Facebook Apps then DO IT !!!


94% acceptance rate for Comfort Zone app for publishing to people’s Facebook wall.

10k+ users with 30+ fields of personal data for each user


  • massive opportunity to collect data and make direct sales with Facebook apps

If you just want clicks, then focus on using promoted posts to friends of fans


You need to know the answers to best targeting times, to ensure best use of the data that you collect.


Split testing your ads and ensure you renew them frequently

Split test by :

  • age
  • location
  • gender
  • education

Split testing using Qwaya to quickly split test your Ads


  • Use The Power Editor in Facebook – whilst very clunky it is definitely worth it.
  • Always experiment to make sure you know what works.


  • Custom audiences – advertise direct to your mailing list through Facebook
  • Domain sponsored stories – increases engagement in your content


Automate your Facebook Marketing but in a non-spammy way

Facebook devalues anything scheduled using a 3rd party app


  • Create content that will still be driving likes and shares in a year


Plamen Russev - Webit Congress

Photo Source :


20 years experience in digital marketing – some great exits and some painful ones from some companies

Has written the book Power to The People

Now running the Webit congress and has grown to over 6000 delegates in 2012, with projections of 8000 for 2013.

Didn’t believe he could achieve his dreams based in his own country of Bulgaria, but it created a great testing ground for idea generation.

If you havent failed, you havent tried hard enough


Identify the most appropriate global markets – look at growth opportunities relevant to your business.

  • in the new and emerging markets, it is full of talent (people)


How do you get noticed ??

  • Team – who are they, have they done it before, are they good ?
  • Market – how large, how do they get what %, how much $ to get there
  • Technology – how unique you are, patentable?, does it work?
  • Financing – how much to get it to certain milestones
Common mistakes
  • take too much money
  • mistake early revenue vs growth. Build the Company
  • hire only world class people
  • remember that venture money is the most expensive loan on earth


Winners in 2012/2013

  • Big Data
  • Virtual Nets
Areas of Interest
  • Cloud
  • MDM – mobile device management
  • Green/Energy


Got a Killer startup, pitch me



Alan McMahon – Dell

Photo credit : RIMC

  • 1984 Dell is launched
  • 1999 Online accounted for 50% of revenue


Online changing landscape

  • 1/3 of world’s population is now online
  • Mobile is driving Internet growth
  • Mobile traffic to exceed desktop traffic this year


Back in 2008, Dell launched its site and is now creating its responsive design site.

Natural search at Dell is vital – 20% of all Dell traffic – 230 million visits in 2012

  • pilot project run to show that Natural Search has the strongest multi-step participation  of any online vehicle when compared to an even revenue model attribution model to a last click.
Site Simplification program – to simplify and standardize Dell site globally
  • reduced 23% of low visibility pages – 301′d to other more relevant pages

De-segmentation of

  • creating a simplified customer experience

EMEA Link Reclamation Project

  • cost effective way to build links to strategic pages

Chris Mortimer from Search Integration

Photo Credit : Twitter


Expectations – stories and discourse are how we understand our world

Cue (trigger) – Routine – Response


Tommy Nilsson goes Black

  • a swedish popstar who is known as Ballad Tommy – changing his image overnight
  • created a spike in interest shown on Google Trends
  • planned dissonance that worked
  • again a demonstration of planned dissonance
  • they break the rules and continue to break he rules
  • 776k followers on Twitter
  • 309,000 results on YouTube
Curators of Sweden
  • visitSweden wanted to promote Sweden
  • a random Swedish resident would be on Twitter tweeting about their life – non-censored
  • anti-semitic tweets started going out and again it created a spike in trends
  • this was a example of unplanned dissonance
Match your offering to problems to create opportunities for your business.  If you don’t then you will propagate the problem across markets as you expand.
Make people ask WHY ??


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