Good luck Marissa – Marissa Mayer to head up Yahoo

by Peter Young on July 16, 2012 · 0 comments

I don’t think this is a move anyone saw – however Marissa Mayer is to be the next CEO of Yahoo, becoming in the process one of the most important people in Silicon Valley. Google’s 20th employee, and their first female engineer – Marissa was one of the people responsible for much of the early look and feel changes that Google incorporated and more recently was VP for Google Location and Local Services – something we have seen take a far more focal place in the Google framework in recent months.

Other merits of note also include

  • Highly influential in the acquisition and integration of Zagat – or what we are going to know as the new Local+ framework within Google
  • First person to work exclusively on user experience for Google
  • Managed integration of Google Checkout, Google Translate and blended search
  • One of the biggest champions for Googles’ minimalist look
  • Managed Google Maps,Local Search and Street View

Despite having only just resigned (by Telephone), she starts at Yahoo on Tuesday (tomorrow by all accounts). Those that think this may be the beginning of Yahoo’s comeback as a viable search engine however may be disappointed. Reports suggest she will focus more on “leveraging the Internet company’s strong franchises including e-mail, finance and sports. She also hopes to do more with its video broadband and its mobile businesses.”

With company shares having fallen by around 40% in the last five years,Marissa Mayer has her work cut out for the future. However I would suggest she is a shrewd acquisition for Yahoo – and somebody that comes with a fantastic track record. I for one can’t help thinking she is as capable as anyone to sort the mess out that Yahoo has become in recent years. Despite the fact it no longer sits prime in its position as the premium search engine, Yahoo have some fantastic assets at their disposal and partnerships such as the search alliance coupled with other portal and display based activity should give her plenty of wiggle room.

I for one, wish her the best of luck in the new role.

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