Has Google’s market share changed significantly in the last two years

by Peter Young on July 3, 2012 · 1 comment

When I last did one of these comparisons back at the height of the initial Bing advertising blitz it was interesting to note the limited impact the advertising had had in terms of impact in search volume queries. At that time, Google owned about 92.61% of the market share according to Hitwise/Experian figures out at the time.

During recent months, it has been interesting to see both Bing and Google actively advertising on TV, both fairly aggresively however with two seperate. Google have been heavily focussing on the usage of its social network – Google+ with Bing focussing more on a ‘Bing is for doing approach’ to their activity – two seperate and very different approaches but what impact has it had.

Move forward nearly two years and the picture looks as follows:

Well at first glance, it is apparent that Google’s overall ‘Share of Volume’ has fallen by about 1.92%, not a huge amount and certainly I wouldn’t suggest anything that Google would lose any sleep about. However it is interesting to take a look at what is happening below:

  • Bing market share has increased by just short of one percent – around 0.66%
  • Yahoo market share has fallen 0.62% to just above 2% (2.29%)

Interestingly the market share for Ask which was included as part of the Other in the 2010 piece now sits at around 1.78% with other search engines sitting around 1.40% – still above those seen in August 2010. Many of those would appear to include vendor specific sites such as Talk Talk, Orange and AOL.

This does however not include mobile specific searches which is heavily skewed towards Google usage, although with Microsoft now launching a reasonably viable handset this may change in the future.

Are we seeing a change in the marketplace or merely flux. My initial thoughts are the latter, but it will be interesting to see how this evolves in the future

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