Is Google about to shake up the finance marketplace?

by Peter Young on April 30, 2012 · 0 comments

Google may well have truly thrown the gauntlet down to the big finance aggregators with the launch of new financial comparison units on a number of finance related terms. The comparison ad concept themselves is nothing new, however rumour is rife that much of this will use the Beatthatquote technology that Google acquired back in 2011 – something that would really have significant consequences for the wider comparison market as a whole – and potentially impact on Beatthatquotes’ ex competitors such as Compare the Market, GoCompare etc.

The fact this may happen is not a surprise. Google is not the type of company that spends near £40 million on the acquisition of a comparison and then leaves it to one side. The potential rollout of this is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly and foremost it is likely to utilise the Beathatquote functionality and drive the user straight through to the users site. Secondly it is likely again to take up a sizeable chunk of real estate on the search page for hugely competitive phrases such as credit cards, savings accounts and the like.

Given again the fact that aggregators play a big part in many of these market places either via the paid listings or more often than not via the organic ones, this could really play a big part in migrating traffic away from these sources – many of which Google would probably argue do not provide real value to a consumer.

According to the site, Google will launch new financial comparison ad units between 5-6pm (UK-time) today. As of 17:31 today, we were still to see anything….

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