Google to sell tablet PCs via online store

by Peter Young on March 31, 2012 · 0 comments

To many this is just a natural evolution of what Google already did with the Nexus one , however it would appear from stories doing the rounds that Google are ready to enter the tablet market to sell c0-branded tablets directly to consumers through an online store. Googles ambition to become the modern day skynet appears to continue unabated if this is to be confirmed.

It would make sense. Through Android Google already own a significant share of the mobile market – and their operating system is already common place on many of the best selling tablets on the market today including Motorola, Sony and Samsung. Further to that, that share of Motorola they own would provide a fantastic basis for any potential venture into this space.

Google did try selling direct to consumers before, however that its online portal in 2010 but that closed down fairly quickly despite the fact Android sales have been fairly good since then. That deal with smartphone manufacturer HTC, would probably be very similar to any potential partnership with a tablet provider – so the chances of success here are perhaps 50/50 if previous history is anything to go by.

What this may do is add to the downward pressure on the price of Android tablets made by other companies and potentially be a good way of taking a significant market share of the tablet market where the Apple IPads are towards the top end of the market. Further to that they now own about 10% of the US market and have an established name in terms of mobile software.

It does however further extend Google’s reach not only into your search behaviour but perhaps into the wider hardware landscape


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