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by Peter Young on November 1, 2011 · 0 comments

We have seen Google trialing Print Ads over in the states, however it would appear not that Google is trialling print ads in the UK. The ads which can direct users to a brand’s mobile site using its Google Goggles function already has a number of advertisers signed up including Buick, Diageo and Disney. The project is still in trial with one of the main objectives being to understand more effectively the relationship between on and offline advertising – something many organisations are increasingly monetising through Econometric modelling.

Source: NMA

The Google print ads will run with a Google Goggles logo, and when photographed via the image search function returns a link that directs browsers to the relevant product’s mobile site. If you are thinking that this sounds all a little QR code in format – you would be right with many people suggesting this may be a significant alternative to QR Codes moving forward. In my opinion with QR Codes struggling to get cut through in many situations the backing of a player such as Google behind a similar technology means that we may well see the ‘technology’ take off – but through a different format (think VHS/Betamax etc)

According to Amanda Rosenberg, Google’s business development manager for mobile, EMEA “We’re interested in where mobile’s at within the purchase funnel,” she said. “We’re testing it out in the UK right now and just seeing what the results are like.”. Ms Rosenberg went on to demonstrate print ads that can direct users to relevant product sites via a smartphone’s NFC capabilities, a function she termed as “tap to search”.

Its interesting now seeing Google starting to push the offline/online integration angle. There is no doubting the impact may offline formats have on online behaviour particularly if one looks at formats such as TV in particular. Increasingly we have seen Google trying to get more integrated with such technologies such as Google TV but this marks a significant step in the relationship between both press and online.

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