Social Media Penetration in Europe is changing

by Peter Young on August 4, 2011 · 0 comments

OK, this snapshot was taken just around the time of the Google+ launch so one would suggest the changes in landscape may continue to change yet further however I was fascinated by a recent chart I came across from Vincenzo Cosenz whilst doing some European Social Media research.

Despite the recent slowdown in Facebook’s growth in more mature markets, Facebook still continues to grow rapidly around the world, recent figures would suggest an audience of around 750m users. The increased penetration of Facebook is very well represented as it continues to make significant inroads into a rapidly expanding European social marketplace.

Social Media penetration in Europe

Social media usage by age

Source: Comscore

Social Network overview

Source: Vicenzo Cosenz

The Future
Social certainly is on the up, theres no doubting that – and increasingly we are starting to see advertiser budgets shift from their traditional safe havens into social media. This isn’t always filled with success stories – Pepsi being a fantastic example of this in action where they have now moved down to third in terms of sales having allocated a significant proportion of the advertising spend to social media.

Its still early days though, and as advertisers we are still learning. One things for sure, like digital, social are here to stay.

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