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by Peter Young on June 1, 2011 · 0 comments

After all the build up, its finally arrived – and to be honest I personally have felt a huge deal of deflation. As with many of the products Google release it just has many of the common traits – loads of build up with just an average product – something you get the feeling you have seen and used before.

Whilst there is only so creative one can get on such a social trigger, I can’t help thinking this could have a point of difference. Whilst there is no doubting +1 is only part of the social puzzle that Google is trying to build, one can’t help feeling that there could be more to this or perhaps this is the right product released a little early (in my opinion possibly this is the more obvious scenario as I actually think this could be a great product with a more established community).

As with nearly all Google products, the system itself needs a user to be logged in and thus will not be displayed to users who are not logged into the Google accounts. I understand from a bit of research that this is temporary and the +1 button will be on full release shortly whether or not the user is logged in or not.

It is also worth noting that Google utilise a core URL and this is likely to bring the facet of canonicalisation into greater vogue. The URL which is +1′d is determined by the following:

  • The href attribute.
  • The link rel=”canonical” tag
  • The URL of the page as denoted in the document.location.href

The +1 system is supported in 44 languages however it should be noted that +1 activity continues to show only on English language results on One would certainly suggest its only a matter of time before this rolls out to the wider resultset – and I would be hugely surprised if we didnt see greater visibility of the +1 results in the SERPs through non .com results over the coming days.

All of this is customisable via a self service code generator to customise both size and language options

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