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by Peter Young on May 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Perhaps its indicative of just how much Google plays into our every day lives that on the day that I saw that Google had overtaken Yahoo in terms of display advertising that they announced two new products, again targeting markets outside of their core search battleground. Yesterday it was interesting to see Google saying they wanted to create “tomorrow’s best shopping experience” and “bring online and offline together” through an open payments platform.

Its no secret that Google has taken Mobile seriously, the purchases of Admob for $750,000,000 was indicative of intent there. However one may find it is the purchase of smaller operators like Zetawire (a startup from Toronto they purchased in August last year). The purchase was one which I would suggest many people would have missed – however I would suggest its been crucial to them being able to launch one of the new products announced yesterday.

The major announcement yesterday was that of Google Wallet “that aspires to bring offers, payments and loyalty together at the point of sale to create a next-generation shopping experience.”. Given many of the products that Google have on the horizon (and there are some heavily focussed around integrating mobile and local search) – seeing Google push in a direction of an integrated mobile/localisation framework is not suprising – and Google Wallet is symbolic of this ‘molo’ mindset.

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So what is Google Wallet. Well, according to Google’s Commerce VP, Stephanie Tilenius the product will officially be released this summer. The service will allow you to “You tap, pay and save” with NFC-enabled devices which Google estimate will , which will number around 150 million devices by the end of 2011. The service would appear to be a US centric rollout only at this stage and will support multiple credit card accounts includingCiti MasterCard (via MasterCard’s paypass network) and a Google pre-paid card will be supported initially. One would suggest we will see a raft of later signups once this is officially launched. Further to that you can lock Google Wallet for greater security and can also store offers, loyalty cards and gift cards.

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It is perhaps indicative of Google’s confidence that the initial retailers signed up read like a whos who and include Macy’s, Subway, American Eagle, Noahs Bagels, Wallgreens and many more.

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At the same event, Google also announced Google offers – what would appear to be a first step into the realms of Groupon/Living Social. Google Offers will deliver offers as deals of the day – and can subsequently be integrated with Google Wallet. This will initially be limited to just rollouts in the US (Portland, San Francisco and New York initially) however I for one would be hugely suprised if we didn’t see both products integrate heavily with other Google products such as Hotpot in the future.

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There is no doubting, mobile is a huge part of the new Google strategy not just in terms of advertising revenues but Google would appear to want to completely dominate the mobile marketplace. No matter where you look Google are there and be in no doubt, when mobile really does ‘mature’ – Google are likely to have a very big say in what and what doesnt happen on mobile too !

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