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by Peter Young on May 16, 2011 · 0 comments

As search marketeers, many of us are driven by data. Whether it be campaign configuration or ongoing optimisation of our campaigns, data plays a fundamental part in ensuring campaign success and profitibility. I personally have often been critical of Google and the validity of some of the data they put out particularly to SEO’s (that doesn’t apply so much to our paid search brothers) – however there is no doubting Google have at their disposal a raft of really powerful data.

Its therefore great to see Google start to consolidate much of that data, with the launch of Think Insights. Whilst this is still heavily US centric one has to assume that we will see this extend to markets beyond the US (at least one would hope Google embrace the fact they are a global organisation).

The site covers a range of sectors including but not limited to:

  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Automotive

and covering a range of other subjects including

  • Offline impact of online advertising
  • Understanding consumer behaviour
  • Optimal media mixes

As I have said in recent posts, I can’t help feeling the more relevant data Google continue to provide to marketeers the better I can’t help feeling it is for them. Data is power, data allows us to make educated decisions and at the end of the day, the more confident we are in a decision the more likely you can’t help feeling we will be to spend…..

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