Five common WordPress problems and the plugins that solve them

by Guest Author on May 4, 2011 · 1 comment

Guest post by Lior Levin

Are you having problems with your WordPress installation? The great thing about WordPress is that there’s a plugin fix for almost any problem you have. Here’s a list of plugins that solve common problems we had with our blog at Kitchen Stools Direct.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
Some WordPress themes are ready search engine optimized but there are still quite a few that don’t get it right. If you have one of those and don’t want to fork out for an expert to solve your problems then a popular plugin has the solution you are looking for. It’s called the All In One SEO Pack, and as its name suggests it provides a quick fix for all your search engine optimization problems. Out of the box it will give you a perfectly optimized WordPress site; and with a few tweaks you can take SEO to the next level. No blog should be without it.

2. Backup
What if your blog disappeared overnight? How would you retrieve all the posts and comments that it has taken years to put together? Believe it or not, this happens more often than you might think and once again, the solution is simple. WP DB Backup backs up all of the critical mySQL tables that comprise your blog. With this installed, not only can you make a quick on-the-fly backup but you can also arrange for daily or weekly backups to be e-mailed to you. If something happens to your blog, restore your last backup and you’re back in business. Also consider VaultPress, though you will have to pay for this.

3. Slow sites
If you’ve got a site that takes ages to load then you’re probably losing visitors. The web attention span is very short and if your site loading time is more than a few seconds readers will go elsewhere. The fix is to install a caching plugin. The best around at the moment is WP Super Cache. This loads static versions of often accessed pages to reduce loading time and has a number of other useful functions.

4. Going mobile
Hundreds of thousands of people now access your website via mobile devices. If you want to make it easy for them to see a mobile friendly site then there’s an easy way to do this without having to spend money on a special theme. You can simply install the WP Touch iPhone theme, and with one click you will have a mobile friendly site. Also consider MobilePress, which keeps the server load to a minimum.

5. Making contact
Do you want a nice easy contact form so that readers can get in touch with you? Do you want to be able to put your contact form anywhere on your site, including sidebars? If your answer to both those questions is yes then consider installing Contact Form 7. This allows you to install multiple contact forms very easily and includes different types of spam protection.
These plugins will help you to optimize your WordPress installation. Download them today and there are at least five WordPress problems you will never have to worry about again.

This was a post by Lior Levin who is an online consultant for Kitchen Stools Direct, a bar stools and kitchen stools online store.

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johnny gedye May 5, 2011 at 7:39 am

Nice post.

I do however disagree with the SEO plugin. Wordpress SEO has tonnes more functionality. Check it out :-)

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