Google removes local search data from keyword tool

by Peter Young on March 30, 2011 · 0 comments

Despite all the issues with validity with regards to Google’s keyword tool it has always been useful as a sanity check for a number of things in terms of forecasting – in particular potential volume, cost and keyword seasonality – which many search marketeers both paid and organic have utilised to benchmark and forecast their campaigns.

The keyword tool – much like Googles’ own index has undergone a number of tweaks over the last couple of years, however I was very disappointed to see the functionality had been removed from the Traffic Estimator tool (from around the 25th of March according to a post on John Campbells blog)

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My contacts at Google have confirmed that this have been removed, and it would appear unlikely that this is likely to come back or be replaced by all accounts. In the meantime, they recommend using Insights or Trends to determine such data.

I have to personally say its a shame that this has been taken away – as whilst Insights and Trends provide a certain level of data, it doesnt provide the level of scale that the Keyword tool provided in a more scalable way – which is particularly useful if you are working across a significant number of different verticals/sectors. Single keyword data doesn’t often provide nuances which the keyword level data did – albeit that there is no way you would ever rely 100% on the accuracy of the data.

In the meantime, us marketeers will have to go back to tried and tested ways of data such as PPC data collation and historical analytics data – as well as the insight tools (and the API if you do have access to this). However it is a shame to see Google moving away from metrics which allow marketeers to provide a level of sanity checked data to clients – particularly if we compare this to other channels such as TV, Radio or Display where such data is often fairly freely available. I can’t help thinking that such tools allow marketeers to do their job better which in turn can only mean better revenues for Google as a whole….

Do you agree???

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