SES Day 3 – Twitter Automation

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Now we have a talk from Jonathan Allen (@jc1000000) about how Search Engine Watch time the distribution of their tweets.

Jonathan admitted that he didn’t like Twitter to begin with he used the analogy “Twitter feels like a party with everyone hanging around in their own groups”. The point he was making was that when he first signed up that there where all these hashtags, followers and RTs going round and found it difficult to engage.

So he researched a number of tools to help tweet and interact not just for himself but for SEWatch. Below are some pointers he learned from using them and how you can apply them to yourself

  • Use CoTweet to submit to multiple accounts. This has some cons such as if users follow your multiple accounts then they will get bombarded with the same tweet 3 or 4 times maybe more.
  • Use Google analytics to schedule tweets. Look at the times when user visits your site and schedule your tweets accordingly.  Also on scheduling, try to schedule your updates to hit different time zones
  • Try to get listed on Topsy or Tweetmeme, this allows you to acquire links to your any of the URLs you tweet.

To shine numbers on their activity Jonathan, showed with good timing you can generate a lot visitors in short period of time. The example he used was when Google changed their doodle to commemorate JFK they received around 4,700 visitors the same was also done for Rosa Parks which received around 26,500 just from timing the distribution of tweets effectively and efficiently.

Twitter Automation – Fantomaster tips

Here are some of the tips from Fantomaster when it comes to automating your Twitter account.

  • Surprisingly don’t automate adding contacts, it will just mean you will end up with a lot followers that won’t find your content interesting or engaging.
  • Be savvy, if you are going to automate try to be human about it. Use common sense
  • Be interesting, offer content that will interest your followers – not surprisingly Youtube videos do very well
  • People are not stupid, don’t try to deceive them!
  • If you have a large number of followers make use of filters to keep track of various conversations, what’s being retweeted etc.
  • Try not to post and peak times i.e. lunch time. It just means  that your competing with other tweets, try to stagger your delivery.
  • Don’t automatically assume that everyone reads every single tweet you send out. If some has 5000 followers they are not going to see everything!
  • If you are pushing the same link, try to vary the content of that tweet, try and use content spinning tools or if possible try to manually rewrite the same post several times.
  • The power of Twitter is in the Retweet. Try not to make the tweets longer than 100 characters, this will allow for retweets. Also try to keep the title short, snappy and attention grabbing.

Some of the tools he recommended to aid with automation where SocialOomph and Pluggio

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