SES Day 3 – Introduction to Social Media

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I’m going to try and provide a live update of the sessions that I attend through out the day.

First up is the Intro to Social Media with Lisa Myers. A great session covering the basics of social media, online pr as well as what tools you can use (free and paid) to monitor the campaign.

Some of the take aways from the talk are:

Before setting up your campaign

  • Obey the rules – listen, engage, be honest and ultimately don’t be a d**k (not my words!)
  • Use the 3 pillars of social – Viral, Online PR and Networking
  • Be aware of your brand and how it is being spoken about, make a list of what you want to achieve from the campaign is it traffic generation? link generation? or conversions?
  • Do the research, who are your target audience remember age, gender and location.

When you begin.

Before you begin blogging decide before hand what your main categories are going to be this gives you focus and means that you are not writing for about everything and anything. Decide who is going to blog, having someone who lives and breathes the brand helps and also decide who is going to look after it i.e. technical help, updates of plugins etc. Having this before hand can save you many headaches in the future as you know who is responsible for what.

  • Use social media elements such as content marketing and link baiting
  • Start by blogging, its a great way to hone your skills.
  • Blogging gives you the opportunity to give your product/service a personable voice, it also helps you develop a positive online reputation and thirdly gives a great way to expand the content on your site.

If you are going to do Online PR make sure to give something back as Lisa mentioned that the best responses were when the online pr involved engagement i.e. competitions etc.

Lisa mentioned that if you are going to engage in Online PR she had 3 points that she follows everytime.

  • Do your research, Lisa said that it is better to be highly targeted than the throw mud against the wall approach and see what sticks.
  • Hunt down the most appropriate contact, this can make the difference between you getting you featured or not
  • Tone of voice, customise any letter or response to your contact. Don’t just send a generic email saying “can you post this”
  • Relationship, build a relationship with your contacts, this can make getting future content hosted easier!

One last note  don’t just sit and wait to be discovered, engage, engage, engage!

Lisa also ran through a number of tools for the full list and the full presentation you can find it here Lisa Myers Social Media Presentation

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