Experts View 2011: What are your big 3 predictions for 2011

by Peter Young on January 18, 2011 · 2 comments

Before I start, I would like to thank Bas van den Beld, David Harry, Nichola Stott, Judith Lewis, Andy Beard, Andy Redfern, Ben Bisco, Shaun Anderson, Paul Reilly and Will Critchlow for taking part in the Q & A – hopefully the first in a number of these taking place over the course of 2011.

In our final question we asked our experts what their predictions were for 2011,taking the search centric shackles of questioning off for a while – with some interesting results (Paul Reilly in particular must have had one Pinot Grigio too much for point 3 :) )

What are your big 3 predictions for 2011

David Harry

Well, as I mentioned when you asked me to drop in, I ain’t big on predictions. Just look at all the changes last year no one saw coming. Seems a bit pointless. So let me be a bit more vertical with this…
1) SEO will continue to struggle for legitimacy, moreso with a weak economy
2) The SEO world will see LESS drama than usual *see #1 – we start pulling together
3) Link obsessed SEOs will continue to find their strategies dated.

Ben Bisco

1) A Royal Marriage
2) Google doing even more playing with ‘rich media’ elements in PPC, potentially heralding a convergence of search and display
3) Greater integration between Search, Social and Apps with Mobile at the epicentre

Paul Reilly:

1) The best SEOs, based on proven track record, will become more valuable and more marketable as Google make it increasingly important to be in the top positions, particularly in Travel and Financial Services (especially if Google are allowed to abuse their monopoly power by the Department of Justice)
2) 2011 will be the year of social discovery – when this is nailed and gains mass adoption, the game will change again. New rules, new game!
3) Alien space craft will be seen by the masses above major cities starting with London. ;)

Bas van den Beld

Oh no, not another “year of”. Mobile is already here, so is video, it will just be emerging more, as goes for social. There is no one thing which it will be “the year of”

Nichola Stott

Yes! Video and mobile from the get-go and augmented reality coming to search by the end of 2011. I betcha

Judith Lewis

1) Search engines will move focus back to semantic web and understanding language use
2) Facebook will be listed with search engines due to its importance as a search platform
3) Technology to recognise the content of video and images will mean this content is better indexed and more searchable

Andy Beard

How can I say video, that would be biased as I now for for a video platform.?

I think 2011 will be the year of leveraged syndication of viral content in whatever form, though infographics were only really scratching the surface.

That is possibly even more biased but at least other platforms have a bit of a head start and I have been telling them to do some of what I hope to help uQast achieve for over a year.

Andy Redfern

1) Google Strategy – Google’s current share price of $600 is one of the dominating elements in its 2011 strategy; expect to see a 10% growth of these shares throughout the year. This will mean that Google needs to find other payment mechanism in its search function. I would predict that both Google Local and Google Shopping will have a paid element by the end of 2011. Google will continue to cause even more uproar by displaying more of its own content, i.e.: enhanced links to local listings even more prominent in search listings.
2) Affiliates – 2011 is set to be a difficult year for large-scale content affiliate sites, with Google starting to push bigger brands in the listings. This will be a real boom year for super affiliates with no heavy reliance on Google. For affiliate Networks to be successful in 2011, super affiliates will need to be secured on an exclusive basis. Look to see affiliate networks spending heavily on the employment of exclusive retention teams. Clients will develop multi-skilled affiliate teams to help develop their in-house networks. All will result in three UK affiliate networks going bust this year.
3) Facebook – Facebook’s advertising revenue will see a year-on-year growth of around 72%, pushing them through the $2bn profit barrier. With Facebook and other new PPC mediums available, click fraud will begin to rear its head throughout 2011.

Shaun Anderson

Timewasting – on social media sites – thinking you are doing something useful for your business. I’d go as far to say you should keep social media to non-work hours to get the best out of all your real work efforts. I am at the moment and i feel a lot better anyway. Social media consultants *might* have a slightly different take on this.

Peter Young

1) Bing to take increased market share from Google
2) More blurring of the lines between paid and organic search, particularly on previously untapped sources.
3) Sascon 2011 to be a fantastic success (If initial launch is anything to go by)

Will Critchlow

1) Mainstream media articles predicting the impending fall of Google
2) A major leap forward in search innovation both from Google and startups (not sure what this is or I’d be betting my house on it)
3) Facebook buys Quora (you asked for bold ones)

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Doc Sheldon January 18, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Good stuff, Peter!

@Will – Bold, indeed!

1) I think there’s a great likelihood of more problems ahead for Google, particularly with idiotic moves like Germany’s outlawing of GA. Makes me wonder if a forced breakup effort might even be in their future.

2) Probably a good bet, yes. Judith’s point #1 seems a likely direction, IMO.

3) I have my doubts that Quora will endure. If it turns out to be more than a passing fad, then Facebook and Google would seem to be likely to end up in a bidding battle.

JamesDunn January 19, 2011 at 9:30 am

@Nichola Stott – I personally think mobile might be pushed off for a year, probably pending the release of the Facebook phone [which - lets face it - won't sell as well as Facebook would have you believe. Between the F-phone, a Blackberry, an iPhone or an Andriod phone..which would you rather have. I bet it isn't a Facebook phone! ;) ]

@Judith Lewis – for me, (2) is a little too far fetched. Plus as a “search engine” I’d argue that it is too lax and easily gameable.

@Peter Young – Sascon, last year, was a great conference and I’m looking forward to this years one (thankfully, a conference that isn’t in London!)

@Will Critchlow – hahahaha (1) is always going to be a winner! :)

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