Experts View 2011: What will 2011 be the year of?

by Peter Young on January 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Last year was a good year for both mobile and video with recent stats suggesting around 34.7 Million Internet Users in the U.K watched 6 billion videos. Mobile also saw a significant surge in both commercial usage driven heavily by the smartphone revolution.

Two significant players with big parts to play in 2011 so where did our experts feel would 2011 be the year of?

Will 2011 be the year of – Video/Mobile/Other (if other please specify)

David Harry

The Year of the Gypsy! Ok, well maybe just in my fantasy world. While, as stated earlier, local/personalization/social will continue to be strong, it’s more about strategy. Many SEOs get locked into systems (and tools) which become the program. This belies the true nature of search evolution (and the web itself). We need to be adaptive and sensitive to change. There were a TON of game changers last year we didn’t see coming. So, this year, just be aware, adaptive and fluid to the changes. Guessing at, or locking into, the ‘IT’ for 2011 here in January is a fool’s game methinks. Ask me in December, then I will tell you what 2011 was all about ;0)

Ben Bisco

In will be [another] Year of Mobile.

Paul Reilly:

All of the above. but mobile really will change the game this year due to network effects and largely due to android adoption through accessibility. to the masses. I’d have though Apple would have learned their lesson last time round when they got there arse kicked by Microsoft. Locking down the software to the hardware failed in the home computing war, it will fail in the mobile war. With 2 Android activations to every 1 iPhone activation, it’s game over! however this is good for the consumer and great for the ecosystem. Yes. I’m excited about mobile in 2011 and with it comes video and mainstream location based social applications.

Bas van den Beld

Oh no, not another “year of”. Mobile is already here, so is video, it will just be emerging more, as goes for social. There is no one thing which it will be “the year of”

Nichola Stott

Yes! Video and mobile from the get-go and augmented reality coming to search by the end of 2011. I betcha

Judith Lewis

Chocolate :-D Well, I think really more than anything 2011 is the year of social. We’ve turned into a nation of ADD kids who have regressed back to thinking we are ourselves the single most important thing in the universe. Yes, mobile will play a part in that but I think we have to be careful about what we consider “the year of mobile”. Plain handset adoption is way higher than Smartphone adoption and in India and Africa I believe that web consumption is higher over handset because of the lack of PC/laptop ownership (and infrastructure). Also, what constitutes a year being the “year of X” anyway? We live in a mixed technology world. I wouldn’t be surprised in 2011 was the year of the wiki(leak) ;-)

Andy Beard

How can I say video, that would be biased as I now for for a video platform.?

I think 2011 will be the year of leveraged syndication of viral content in whatever form, though infographics were only really scratching the surface.

That is possibly even more biased but at least other platforms have a bit of a head start and I have been telling them to do some of what I hope to help uQast achieve for over a year.

Andy Redfern

A successful case study will push this concept to the front of mind, but we won’t see accelerated growth until 2012. The 2011 boom in mobile commerce will see mobile affiliate marketing becoming a growing revenue stream for clients. Like all fast growing technology there is a negative side and Mobile will also become the subject of malware, phishing attempts and fraud that will plague all mobile application providers in 2011. The BBC’s flagship consumer affairs show, WatchDog, will highlight these with great enthusiasm in the 2nd quarter of the year. And finally QR codes will start to become understood by a mainstream audience, and will appear on tee-shirts aimed at “wacky” students, who will see it as a new form of “cool art”.

Shaun Anderson

Timewasting – on social media sites – thinking you are doing something useful for your business. I’d go as far to say you should keep social media to non-work hours to get the best out of all your real work efforts. I am at the moment and i feel a lot better anyway. Social media consultants *might* have a slightly different take on this.

Peter Young

I think its going to be a bumper year for a number of channels however mobile in particular I can see having another bumper year, driven on by some increasingly impressive apps – and in my opinion will probably finally have the year so many forecasters have said would happen for a number of years. However I think we will certainly see significant growth in local. A dark horse may well be the decline of aggregators within the search engines as Google ramps up its comparison ads framework throughout the Googlesphere….

Will Critchlow

Mobile. Please. Just so we don’t have to hear that 2012 will be. (Note from PY – You do know if it doesn’t it will be back next year :) )

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