Google losing UK market share … to Yahoo

by Peter Young on December 13, 2010 · 1 comment

We have been doing a number of these search engine analysis pieces over the last 12 months or so, and many have highlighted the significant strides made by Bing into the UK market share. The UK search engine marketplace is one heavily dominated by Google and has for while now topped over 90% of market share (for searchers using either or .com). As a result both Yahoo and Bing have been fighting to a large degree for the scraps off Googles table.

Many recent pieces have suggested increased marketshare for Google however this month would suggest a quite different picture for Google, suggesting a drop of around 2% since our analysis on search engine market share back in August. During recent times, much of the market share increases were as a result of Bing taking markeet share off Yahoo , however the latest Hitwise data would seem to suggest that 2% drop has come out of Google’s market share, rather than off each other.

Bing in the same period did see a nominal increase of around 0.06%, however it was Yahoo who claimed around a 0.5% increase in their market share (one must add this is Yahoo UK searches only and we could add around another 0.5% on for other Yahoo based searches as well).

Much of this may be down to seasonality, certainly figures from early last year were around the same sort of region (90%), so we are very much back to early 2010 figures in terms of like for like analysis. We must remember however that during this period we have seen extensive marketing campaigns from the likes of Bing, plus additionally the evolution of the Yahoo/Bing search alliance. The rise therefore in Yahoo market share is a slightly surprising one given this additional caveat.

Whilst these are fairly small increases in market share, I think its good that we are at least saying some bites into Google market share. Market domination is often not a good scenario and despite this being a fairly nominal figure it may serve as a reminder to Google to keep on their toes.

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Richard Gregory December 13, 2010 at 9:05 am

I’ll have to have a deeper look into our client data to see if we’re experiencing the same shift. It’s worth noting that this will exclude mobile data since Hitwise can’t currently track that.

This is significant since mobile is where most of the incremental search growth has come from in 2010, and Google has around 98% of that.


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