Use of rich snippets expands to shopping results

by Peter Young on November 3, 2010 · 2 comments

Just in time for the big christmas retail push, and Google announce the release of rich snippets for products/shopping results. Interestingly there are two ways to enchance ones product listings for shopping results, which when configured will allow an advertiser to promote aspects such as price, availability and reviews from the Google search result itself.

As we mentioned earlier, there are two ways to provide the information to Google to propogate the shopping rich snippet result:

  1. Provide a Google Merchant Center feed. Google is currently heavily pushing both the local and product feeds as part of its search results (one would suggest its only a matter of time before they look to monetise products (similar to Boost)) – and really if your in this space, I would highly recommend you investing in a product feed.  Interestingly they advise that you use the rel=canonical reference within your product page to ensure that the Merchant Center feed matches that of product page. As a sidenote I would suggest this may be indicative that Google adhere to the rel=canonical reference much more than first thought.
  2. Use of microformats – If results are updated infrequently, Google advises the use of microformat markup on the product page itself. Both the GoodRelations and hproducts standards are supported and Google have updated their product format markup to support extra fields.

With much of Google’s recent activity appearing to encourage greater time on the results themselves, its not suprising this is now being rolled out – and to be honest I can’t help thinking this would have been one of the easier formats to introduce.  As a marketeer I would highly advise looking at integrating this into your optimisation campaign

To read Google’s full announcement on microsnippets, click here

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Caleb August 26, 2011 at 10:25 pm

I also think that businesses should take this into consideration and when possible they should use these rich snippets to better advertise their products. This reminds me of the sitelinks Google has recently introduced which if your website is optimized for can help you get more clicks with your existing search results as well.

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