Being boring pays in the long term

by Guest Author on October 21, 2010 · 1 comment

In the fast paced world of search engine marketing you can often find yourself rushing around trying to understand the latest algorithm change, interpret the latest Adwords policies, keep up to date with the latest social media channels, pitch for new business, service client requests and somewhere in there fit in some search marketing for your clients. Whilst it is this fast pace which makes search engine marketing such an exciting market to work in, it can also be the reason that neither agency, nor client gets the most from their efforts.

Chasing algorithms, the latest social media craze, or breaking news piece maybe fun (and sometimes not so fun!) but it is the boring things like process and long term strategy which will ensure that your search marketing reaps solid business rewards in the end. It is this process and strategy which will ensure:

  • Everyone in the relationship knows what is expected of them, and when.
  • Operations teams can effectively manage their time rather than be chasing their tails at an every expanding URGENT task list
  • SLAs can be developed to ensure which form the basis of the relationship
  • Each individual party can agree what the best route forward for the websites search engine marketing and there will be less finger pointing if it doesn’t work out!
  • You have a blueprint to refer back to in order to help guide future discussions

It is important that at the start of any relationship, whether it is between client and agency, internal departments, or between a boss and employee, that you sit down and agree the actions and milestones which are going to get you to where you want to be. Key deliverables and markers for each month, quarter and year that everybody agrees will produce the desired results. Once everyone has bought into the blueprint for success, the elements can then flow down into SLAs and commitment from both sides. Operations teams can plan their time effectively and know what their KPIs are for a given time period, and each stakeholder will know what they need to do to keep up their side of the bargain.

That’s not to say this original blue print won’t change over time, obviously it needs to adapt. As success, and failure, are seen with tactics strategies these need to be fed back into the long term plan. So blueprints need to be reviewed at monthly and quarterly intervals to ensure that they still make sense, and expectations (performance or otherwise) are being met from all sides.

It’s fun to talk about the exciting goings on in search engine marketing, and to implement tactics that are new and original, but sometimes it is being boring which pays off in the long term!

Rob Weatherhead is Operations Director at Latitude Express and one of the regular guest post contributors here at Holistic Search

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Josh Chandler October 21, 2010 at 11:16 am


I agree, we should set out a plan of action for our search engine marketing.

It’s not all about the fine detail, rather an overview of where things should be going.

I see SEO’s so often persuade me that if I tweak “XYZ” on my page I will be number one on Google. It never happens!

And in the long term, you are the individual who will still be left reaping the rewards of a great, solid plan of action.

There will have been several cycles of “SEO Guru’s” in that time!

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