Cuil not so cool after all

by Peter Young on September 20, 2010 · 0 comments

According to reports coming out from TechCrunch & Search Engine Land, the so-called ‘Google Killer’ Cuil is currently now offline and faces a very uncertain future. Reports on TechCrunch reported that Cuil went down after last minute acquisition talks failed. They said “Cuil was in the final stages of an acquisition as of last Wednesday, and everything was in place except the final signatures. Then the deal fell apart for some reason.”. The net result of this is that the servers have been taken offline and the site is currently not receiving queries.

This might not be quite the end for Cuil – however one would suggest that we may not see Cuil as it currently stands moving forward and that any potential buyer may be more interested in their algorithms, index and technology.

Once hailed by many in the industry as a potential Google Killer, Cuil has never quite fulfilled that billing – well to be honest has never got close to living up to that label. With the likes of Yandex and Baidu waiting in the wings, and the Yahoo/Bing alliance showing some early promise, perhaps this was to be expected. Our poll last week suggested many saw Bing as the only viable alternative to Google – and given the amount of budget available to Bing to push their search product I would suggest they are right.

Gone are the days when a search engine can rise from relative obscurity, from the rented garages and $100000. Search Engines are big business, with big rewards and ultimately simply having the biggest index is simply not enough any more – a modern day search engine has to be far more than that.

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