What may Google announce during todays Google Press Event

by Peter Young on September 8, 2010 · 0 comments

Today sees the highly secretive Google Press Event taking place at San Francisco’s Museum Of Modern Art with a number of Google A and B listers in attendance.

  • Marissa Mayer, VP, Search Products & User Experience
  • Johanna Wright, Director of Product Management
  • Ben Gomes, Distinguished Engineer
  • Othar Hansson, Senior Staff Software Engineer

There are a number of rumours floating round at the moment however heres my take on what may be announced

Google streaming results
I have heard this from a number of reasonable sources that this is due to be launched imminently so I would be hugely surprised if this wasn’t on the list later. There are increasing numbers of people suggesting they are seeing these results in the wild – which is always a reasonably good sign of potential wider rollout.

Further to this the fact Marissa Meyer is on the panel in particular would suggest some reference to a user centric announcement.

AJAX Results
Something Google have been playing around with for a while – and something I feel we are going to see whether we like it or not. Further to aspects from the above suggetion I can’t help thinking one would be rolled out in collaboration with the other.

Further Microformats support
Given that Othar Hansson is on the panel – this is a bit of a punt based on that alone – however given the focus Google has placed on incorporating Microformats into their framework – one I think that could have some backing

Long shots

  • Further Google Social Announcements – Google.me
  • Google Travel Developments
  • Google expanded results – Further to Andy Beards observations over the weekend

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