Think Visibility: Lisa Myers – Social Media for SEO

by Peter Young on September 4, 2010 · 1 comment

Lisa starts by saying that the currency of the webs is no longer links but also takes into account social media. SEO has changed a lot in recent years including

  • Incoing links are judged more strictly, big crackdown on paid links (personally don’t 100% agree with
  • SEO’s have had to take into account social media channels into account
  • Social media + SEO help spread the word – its not all about twitter / facebook they’re just TOOLS! its about grouped ideas

Before you start – understand – whos your target audience, what are their age, gender, location. Put yourself in their shoes – what problem are they trying to sound, how do they find what they want

Linkbaiting here comes into vogue. Create a piece of content that specifically increases chances of increasing organic links. Spread the word – no point doing it without doing this. The creative concept is fundamental for success here. Once you have this – find the linkerati – the people that are going to help you get the links. Be smart about finding them and remember they are not stupid. These people are usually

  • Bloggers
  • Tweet peeps -her words not mine
  • Networkers

Host your content – don’t host it elsewhere , not via third party. Creating a link on an external domain obviously takes the link element out of it thus does not have an SEO benefit.

Integration is crucial – Make sure all components work together. Things have to be easy otherwise people won’t spread it. If its not easy people wont use it – something I think people often dont consider from a social perspective  -however they would do on aspects like conversion optimision.

Give something back – why should they link to you. Content? Discount? Breaking News? Free “something”.

I will try and get Lisa’s slide deck for later to talk through the examples – in particular I would draw your attention to the Yale Locks slides.

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