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by Peter Young on September 4, 2010 · 2 comments

First serious panel at the day with Gary Taylor (a Think Visibility speaking virgin) – covering a number of aspects to keyword domains and mini-sites. Gary is a domainer – who buys, sells and developers domain names.

His first slides covering the basics of keyword domains, namely

  • Exact Match is essential
  • Localised domains can often help in localisation – particularly if you have a domain which is a key traffic driver within a particular vertical

Mini-sites as the name suggest are just that – small websites – consisting of between 1-10 pages. With these sites be very keyword specific don’t get carried with lots of SEO work – but focus specifically on those terms with only a very variations. Gary highlights the fact that time is money – the longer you are willing to hold on to a domain – the more valuable they are likely to become. Self sustaining here is crucial – both on and off-page.

A quote from Rich Schartz ( – a well known domainer) is

“…know the difference between investment-quality domains and domains that mean nothing, say nothing have no idea behind it, no traffic within it, no idea how to make money with it and nobody wants to buy… what i refer to as pigeon shit…. pigeon shit with an extention

Key to your domain decision should be

  • Exact Match
  • CPC and Promotional opportunities (at the very least do some research on search based keyword tool to see what market is there

Its interesting here that Gary highlights how a scalable model can quickly become a good revenue earner. 3-5 per week per domain based on ten domains is going to give you around £2600 in revenue.  Start however by covering costs. Monetise your domain by using a variety of sources:

  • Amazon E-Store Widgets
  • Adsense
  • Affiliates

Would suggest reading Gary’s post on his experiences with –


  • Dominating a niche
  • Lead Generation
  • Diversify
  • Hand Registration vs Auctions
  • Long Tail vs Generic
  • Network of related sites vs one-off sites.

Gary has a number of resources which should be read

  • Rick Schartz
  • Frank Schilling (highly recommended reading)
  • Kevin Ham ( – worth looking at owns the most domains out of anyone, makes $70m a year)
  • Gary Kremen (originally owned and still owns – currently available for auction

If you are looking for auction sites suggested ones are:

Domaining tools resources:

Parking and Drop Catching – gary suggests doing this if you arent going to use it. At least allows some authority going to be gained.


Q & A

Hyphenated domains – Gary not keen on hyphenated domains. Resale value of hyphenated domain is significantly lower than non-hyphenated domains

Domains – Gary suggests still valuable – if you can’t get a .Org he favours From a personal perspective here have to agree as from the affiliate sites I work on

Selling domains – Thinks agencies have an opportunity here. Thinks domainers should contact agencies if they are looking to sell. Also highlights that .com is far more valuable than .orgs. End Users often pay less for domains than domainers do.

Leasing domains – From personal perspective think there is huge opportunity here for domainers – something Gary has just reitterated.  Beneficial for both parties at the end of the day

Trademarks – Suggests stay away from trademarks. Approaching a whole world of trouble. However clever long tail targeting is useful

Content – A site has got to have decent content in order for this to work. Crap content is not likely to be rewarded. Again completely agree here – some automation does work – but needs unique content alongside it.

Whois If you have a content network of domains this may be a consideration.

Bubble Bursting – Gary thinks this is already happening.

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