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by Guest Author on August 17, 2010 · 2 comments

As part of the ongoing guest bloggers series on Holistic Search, James Grayson discusses role of link building on natural rankings

When meandering through the world of SEO’s ever changing landscape – I am the first to admit, it sometimes becomes easy to lose yourself in the rabbit holes of dis-information and pure SEO speculation. Cutting to the chase and getting one thing straight, this piece is a simple insight into the mind of me @idetcola a professional Google-er and established link builder.

Firstly, my SEO speculation… I come with a few preconceptions of Search Marketing even Digital Marketing, as I see these are two very different things yet both essential to the over goal in our mission, moreover recently I am picking up a shifting vibe in SEO. By this I refer to not only the people, places and budgets powering results, but the SERPs and their timely movements. Hence link building acquisition rates are now more important to your footprint than ever before.

Although I can appreciate world demographics and the recent couple of Google updates here, (the name of such may be a decent clue,) I would like you to take a ‘peak’ at the graph below….

This graph is an illustration of what was my conception of a pre update, ‘new’ websites link building acquisition rate and in turn this graph forms my starting point of a new website (in competitive niches) strategic link building campaign. Understandably the graph reminds us to build based on your competitions link flow… Bearing this in mind and moving into the modern age, I do still see sense and results from this strategy. However recently when moving around the la la, fairly uncompetitive (in terms of skilled anchor-text keyword link building) world of local level SEO and long-er tail SERPs. I now begin to see a sense of just how powerful; even how much ‘juice’ some anchor text links do presently appear to carry.

Enter the beast as we apply this strategy to the scary realm of the generic keyword vertical e.g. “Bingo”. Sometimes with backlinks and SEO, when you’ve built and built and built links — you need to just stop building links… for a while at least. After all you must let your link ‘juice’ catch up with your website — you’ve wound that website up so be sure you’re ready to stand back and let it go! And what with the SEO purse strings tightening there has never been a better time to hold still.

Some of you out there may find this a little odd, and some may wonder why I own a white label link building agency which recommends stopping building links, but it has to be said that over manipulation is perhaps one of the worse things we as optimisers can do, thus your targeted anchor text’s link acquisition rates, amongst other factors form the core elements to be adhered to when maintaining a natural link footprint successfully.

Although it is nonsensical to form a common backlink strategy for all SERP verticals and websites, as is the case with search marketing, it is very unique to the website and keywords involved. The point above simply reminds us to take quality over quantity when dealing in backlinks, we make the point… ’6 months online is just a drop in the ocean’ thus keeping your link acquisitions organic and natural in appearance can still assure you a position one over due time.

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Gareth August 17, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Great post Gina

Get yourself over to one of our #mancseo meet ups!!


Gina Phillips August 17, 2010 at 5:29 pm

hashtag #mancseo watched with bated breath Gareth!

Looking forward to meeting up with you guys! Legends in your own right ;-)



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