Google tests credit card serps again – 4th entry inserted on ppc results

by Peter Young on August 9, 2010 · 1 comment

During the last couple of years we have got used to Google testing a number of high income super competitive verticals such as secured loans and credit cards. This has come in a number of guises including a drop down box in the first position, first identified a couple of years ago and tested within ‘loans’ related terms

Google now appear to be reviewing this testing within the credit cards section – however in a format I have not seen before, but one I would suggest from a behavioural perspective is likely to see some significant traction

The most interesting thing from this – is that the ‘Google comparison ads’ has been inserted between the 3rd paid search ad, and the first organic result. Why is this interest – well take into account the perceived organic/paid search split + the fact that the final result has sitelinks (and sitelinks increasing uptake. Both would draw attention to the area where the ‘segregated’ paid slot now sits. Given the eyefall thus drawn to the area, this is likely to see a high volume of clicks drawn to the area.

The final landing page remains fairly similar to those used in earlier Merchant Search experiments, an whether or not this will make it out into more long term implementation is still open to debate – particularly given that the previous incarnations didn’t see stay around for long. However given this is slightly more subtle, you never know….

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