Google Caffeine officially completed

by Peter Young on June 9, 2010 · 0 comments

Its been on the horizon for a while, however Google officially announced yesterday the completion of Caffeine. Caffeine has long been talked about within SEO circles, however this should put an end to rumours of rollout on various forums and blogs

According to the official announcement:

  • Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index
  • Largest collection of content collected by Google.
  • Net result is much faster indexation than previous
  • Unlike the old index where the main index layer would be indexed every couple of weeks, meaning there was a significant delay between ‘go-live’ and when it was made available via the resultset. The new index analyses continually in smaller bitesize chunks, adding content straight into the index
  • Further to this, it has been ‘future-proofed’ with scalability in mind. According to the announcement further announcements should be expected soon.

Similar to Big Daddy, this could be a significant shift from Google. Like Big Daddy, this is an infrastructural change (rather than an algorithmic change), Unlike Big Daddy this is more about capturing more of the web (and quicker) however one might suggest both have been brought about by short comings with the amount of data being able to be processed.

I would also suggest we are likely to see a number of tweaks and changes over the coming months as full rollout is tested in a fully live environment – however this could make for interesting times for SEO’s like you and me as we get to grips with the full capabilities and limitations of the new framework.

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