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by Peter Young on May 7, 2010 · 0 comments

The new Google search results pages have taken some getting use to – personally I am not that big a fan of them – yet.

However along with the the new design seems to have come a new feature, one that seems to be a hit and miss

As you can see , Google have introduced a ‘something different’ feature on the search pages, something which is a bit hit and miss as you can see below.

A search for SMX produces a slightly more … confusing set of suggestions

However, one area this could become interesting on is on brand searches. Similar to recent PPC changes, this would allow competitors to potentially get a foothold on competitor brand searches. Take for example this search for Mediavest:

This appears to be confined to .com searches at the minute – certainly a number of searches didnt appear to trigger this on searches. However its one I personally don’t feel adds any significant value to the results – and in certain instances actually reduces the perceived relevance of the results (take for advantage the SMX result highlighted above).

As a sidenote it does serve to highlight potentially how Google groups keywords with regards to keyword evaluation.

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