Webmaster Tools now showing Clickthrough data – lines blurring with PPC?

by Peter Young on April 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Following on from Shaun Anderson’s earlier post on aggregated clickthrough data for Google, I rushed straight off to Webmaster Tools to have a look at the new features offered by Webmaster Tools. It would appear this has been tested for a while however this now seems to have gone on full release.

Source: Search Engine Land – Matt McGee

The new feature available via clicking on ‘Your site on the web’ option allows you to view the following data by keyword for a verified site (as above)

  • Position in the Google Search Results (presumed .com)
  • Impressions
  • Clickthrough
  • % Clickthrough

Two areas in particular were of particular interest

  1. Impression data – Certainly this brings potential reporting advice more into line with that of other channels such as PPC and Display. Given the fact Google has the this data to me this is a long time overdue
  2. Clickthrough % – This again provides far more scalable commercial opportunities than before. Many forecasting models the world over are probably based on slightly flawed and dare I say out of date data such as the AOL leaked data or similar – which whilst useful still sit alongway short of tangible, solid data on which you would want to base business critical forecasts on.

Given the amount of tools entering the market allowing more and more expansive SEO reporting, its an exciting time for SEO and one in which I can see SEO moving to a more accountable and business aligned channel similar to that of other online channels.

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