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by Peter Young on February 26, 2010 · 2 comments

The speed of innovation at Google is immense at the moment, not a day seems to go by where we don’t see a new tool (no matter how badly thought out they are), tweak to the algorithm or change to their search page. Google is a company in transit at the moment, from pure search engine to multi-platform player – but it would seem that is not to the detriment (in terms of refining) their core products.

The announcement on the Webmaster blog today of the ability to further localise search results is interesting in the context of what they are currently doing – and a further refinement on the burgeoning ‘search options’ facility they have now incorporated into the search results.

From now on there is not the need to refine your search via the traditional search box, Google now provide you with the facility to search local results via the ‘search options facility’

You can choose to see results nearby either your default location or a custom location, and you can narrow down to results at the city, region or state level

From initial tests its certainly a work in progress as my search for nightclubs didn’t many of the results I expected with a number of entries for Toronto, Las Vegas etc – but to be honest we’ve come to expect a bit of cross country canabalisation in our search results recently :)

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howard keller April 22, 2010 at 9:34 pm

Google just keeps getting better and better. And, I like it! Just putting it out there, if you ever need to ship a yacht or boat, look up Yacht Exports. They did a real quality job with me!

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