There is no such thing as magic wand SEO

by Peter Young on February 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Before I start, this isn’t a digg at any particular recent event, just really a thought of a number of recent conversations with fellow professionals. Spend in SEO has never been better, with more organisations ciphening more of their digital budgets towards SEO and Social Media – as highlighted by this study published by eMarketer last year.

The study above does not include that of social media which has been seeing an even more significant spike in spend over the last 12 months, however there is no doubting that along with this increased spend, comes increased consumer awareness – and ultimately increased an increasingly competitive marketplace.

That ultimately means that what may have been adequate before, no longer is – and you have to work consistently harder to ensure you maintain your prominence within the SERPs. Further to that , Google’s state of flux in terms of the new products/factors being introduced on a near weekly basis means you can’t simply sit back and enjoy your work.

Ultimately if you are working as a client side SEO or an SEO agency – you need to be ticking all the boxes. Technical SEO, Content Development and Optimisation, Link Building and not forgetting your social media factors all have their part to play. For those not currently directly involved in optimising your sites, buy in is essential and consistent nourishment of your SEO provider is absolutely essential if you are going to get that success.

Simply leaving your SEO (whether inhouse or outbound) to do what SEO’s do isn’t likely to give you the long term results you want. I have had the opportunity to work or speak to some of the most prominent brands in the search engines, and many of them exhibit the same consistent streak. Complete buy in from the organisations not only through their SEO function but via the various channels which SEO may share such as PR, Video etc. This in turn provides their SEO providers with the tools and knowledge whereby best to maximise their content, either by its deployment on site or via its seeding externally. A few ways you could get more could get more could include:

  • Bring your SEO consultant into your web development process. Let him no of changes as early as possible.  An issue fixed before it occurs will never become  a problem – fixing it before it goes live is always easier than having to retro fit something.
  • Give your SEO consultant equal footing to your designer. At the end of the day both parties are trying to achieve the same thing – and that is a better result for you – however deployed seperately and not managed collectively is geared for failure
  • Give your offline PR to your SEO. This can be used to get linkage to your site, or even better – even more exposure about your brand/site.
  • Your videos are just as valuable as your PR. These can be optimised the same way content can

For those looking to enter any SEO commitment, it makes sense to do your homework and make sure you get a reputable agency on board, however your SEO commitment does not end there. Make sure you work with them – as you would through any other channel – and you will be amazed at how much more effective these channels operate. SEO is and can be just as transparent as any other marketing channel – and you have to go into it with your eyes open and with no expectations of just expecting magic wand SEO and long term sustained visibility. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen but cases are few and far between.

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