Incorporating SEO into tactical campaigns – learnings from the belgian agencies?

by Peter Young on February 10, 2010 · 0 comments

McCann Lowe, Kunstmaan, VVL BBDO, Saatchi, Punta Linea, VVL and FamousI read with interest the current agency scenario going on in Belgian at the moment. For those that have not been following the story, much of it comes down to the way organisations in Belgium have traditionally gone about their new business – and the pitch process therein involved. This historically has involved a maximum of 3 agencies plus the incumbent however recently this appears to have changed – thus the agencies in Belgium have taken action against this as follows:

Its a fantastic idea, fantastically implemented with a number of high profile agencies involved including

  • McCann Lowe
  • Kunstmaan
  • Saatchi
  • Punta Linea
  • VVL
  • Famous

My thoughts looking at this immediately sprung to its impact on SEO, particularly in terms of how they were handling – or appear to have considered the impact of their actions on SEO. Perhaps they didn’t consider it – but one has to remember that SEO is not about the hear and now – and its effects often go further than just the current scenario.

To put this in context – I looked at the code for the site – and noticed the following:

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=iso-8859-1″ /> <meta name=”title” content=”Why Belgian advertising is offline this week.” />
<meta name=”description” content=”Although the websites of Belgian ad agencies are offline this week, there’s still a good reason to visit them.” />
<title>Website closed</title>

It would appear that some consideration has been considered – however consider this. What happens when the strike is over – and all returns to normal. The title and description will not necessarily automatically change back to their original defaults – and thus a lag will occur between campaign cesation and that of the SERP’s returning to normal.

Whilst they can to a certain degree guarantee a significant level of traction in terms of PR and linkage to the site, one has to suggest this is likely to be heavily biased towards the BBDO site where the campaign trail starts, rather than some of the deeper participants such as McCannLowe and Saatchi BE.

It may have therefore have been a better idea to factor in some degree of appropriate SEO remediation prior to campaign launch – particularly given the assertiveness of the title line – website closed.

I cant help thinking it had been me – the incorporation of some robots management or appropriate server response code utilisation should have been considered to manage the short to medium impact on the campaign in terms of SERPs.

Thats not taking away anything from the campaign itself – which if you haven’t seen yet – I would highly recommend you do now…..

To view the campaign in full – click here

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