Daily Express really should be considering SEO

by Peter Young on January 11, 2010 · 0 comments

I was recently looking up something to do with the Daily Express and noticed the following coming up on their search results

As you will notice, there appear to be two results being returned within these brand searches, one for the Express, and one for the Daily Express. From reading an earlier post from Malcolm Coles about The Express site redesign last year, it would appear they have migrated the site (or attempted to) from dailyexpress.co.uk to express.co.uk – however they appear to have made very hard work of this.

Take for example, the indented result for the Daily Express relating to the recent problems PM Gordon Brown had.

If you click on the result – the result takes you to the Daily Express site which appears to naturally resolve whether you try

or worse still

This already means that there are potentially at the very least 3 domains where content is duplicated, however I would suggest the issue further manifests itself within the inbound linkage.

This can be further highlighted as follows

Site Links
express.co.uk 12,535,026
www.express.co.uk 5,282,199
dailyexpress.co.uk 578,857
sundayexpress.co.uk 2,522

Whilst there is no doubting that the express.co.uk site would appear to be a priority focus – and as such is likely to be the authority from Google’s perspective – such a decision should not be left to Google particularly given the amount of options a search engine marketeer has at his/her disposal. The Express in this situation may well have considered:

  • 301 redirect for www.dailyexpress.co.uk, dailyexpress.co.uk and express.co.uk to www.express.co.uk
  • Given that Google have announced they support the cross domain canonical tag, perhaps they may have considered using this (sure Brent D Payne would be more than happy to help here :) )

However as is they havent – and as such it would appear that their search engine results are likely to suffer. Take for example some prominent UK events such as

  • I’m a celebrity – The Sun and the Daily Mail both appear in the top 10
  • Gordon Brown – The Telegraph, Guardian and Times are all in the top 10
  • UK Recession – Times, Telegraph, Guardian and even the Mirror appear in the top 10

Whilst this isn’t the only reason why the Express is not reaching its full potential in terms of visibility online – one can’t help thinking missing something as simple as this is significantly hampering their performance – and wouldn’t require a lot of time or effort to fix properly.

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