Let Google show you the way?

by Peter Young on December 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Not seen this before – thats not saying much as the last couple of weeks have been manic – however saw something interesting appearing within the local search blended result this morning on Google on a search for new home specialist Barratt.


If you look at the snapshot to the left, you will see the option to click on an option which appears to be for bus directions to the afore mentioned local result.

First things first, its not something I have seen a lot of in the wild, however its not something I expect to see a lot of in its current incarnation. Clicking on the link merely takes you through to the Google Maps results for the local result – not something that seemed particularly relevant given the context of the link.

Google is able to offer directions, so it is a shame that they didnt perhaps use this as the landing page rather than that of the destination.

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