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by Peter Young on December 8, 2009 · 0 comments

Wow. Given all the recent talk of Caffeine et al, it will probably come as little of a suprise to many however yesterday has to have been a fairly momentus day as regards Google SERP’s following hot on the trail of many other momentus days over the last couple of weeks. In that time we have seen a plethora of changes in landscape, from the first click free annoucements, to the introduction of “permanent” personalised search and now the launch of real time search within the Google landscape.


One of the key aspects behind personalised search , a point made clear by Amit Singhal is that relevancy is fundamental its implementation. Reducing the potential for spam within the real time search results is a fundamental consideration for Google, and it will be interesting to see how and whether this actually does come true.

According to various sources, information for the real time searches will be pulled from a number of sources including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Twitter Updates
  • FriendFeed updates
  • Content from Google News
  • Content from Google Blog Search
  • Newly created web pages
  • Freshly updated web pages
  • Jaiku updates
  • updates
  • Other real time solutions such as Sprouter

THis in all likelihood is only the start of it. One would think that other platforms such as LinkedIn, MySpace and Facebook would be ‘plugged’ in, as and when the opportunity arrives, and from what Danny Sullivan was saying on his Search Engine land column deals are already in place with both usurping those deals in place with Bing already – however the Myspace one could be one to watch particularly given its affiliation with News Corp.

It would appear there are some reasonable levels of filtration in place already, certainly some of my simple tests suggested that

  • Tweets with links are not directly published to the SERPS. There are tweets in particular going through with links, however one would suggest this would need to have reached a certain level of traction prior to publication
  • Not all results receive the real time results – even with the filter turned on

There is plenty out there in the webspace regarding the launch of Real Time search however I would highly suggest the following reads

  1. Relevance meets the real time web – Official Google Blog
  2. Google launches real time search – Search Engine Land

THere is a point of differentiation as to the effect this will have. Neil Jackson on the Tamar blog suggested that personalised search would in the long term have a greater effect than that of real time search, however one has to consider the fact this is the first significant incarnation of a real time search experience for Google, and one would suggest this should evolve over time.

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