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by Peter Young on November 26, 2009 · 0 comments

Its been coming for a while, however Google have finally open the product ads product to US advertisers. Barry Schartz (Rustybrick) over at Search Engine Roundtable, suggests there are two types of product ads in operation namely a commission based product AdWords ads and the other is normal PPC based product ads.

Further to this Barry outlined some recent tests Google had been undertaking – dating back to January 2008:

Back in January 2008, Google began testing product (base) results in ads. They continued the test in October 2008 with expandable links to these ads. Then in February 2009, the ads became very well seen by many searchers. In May they tested one line product links and in August they tested open product ads. In April, I wrote how to get product images in AdWords ads. Keep in mind, some of these campaigns were not CPA driven, like the one I mention above.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

So what does this potentially mean, well increased revenue for Google – pure and simple. Google are monetizing (or attempting to monetize) a number of channels at the moment including more obvious such as Youtube, however by placing these in prominent places such as those in the image above they take up valuable real estate, thereby in all likelihood having one of two effects

  1. Increasing CPC on the top positions. Being 4 all of the sudden means just above the fold, 5 is below. This means PPC advertisers are playing a brand new ball game
  2. Greater focus on the PPC results given the significant eyefall that will be drawn towards what are very prominent assets within the search page.
  3. Greater utilisation of the Google Products facility. Looking at some of the improvements rolled out there, that will be the next to be fully ‘exploited’


This isn’t available in the UK yet, however given the fact many of the other recent test such as the Adwords Sitelinks (see above) have now become mainstream in terms of their deployment within the UK SERP’s, I would be expecting this to come here at some point in the not too distant future. Exciting times await, no doubting it….

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