First impressions of Chrome OS

by Peter Young on November 22, 2009 · 0 comments

I read with interest the launch of the Chrome Operating System (OS) this morning on TechCrunch. The launch of an operating system from Google is hardly a surprise particularly if you consider their biggest competitor – Microsoft – started off as a software company and now has expanded into online advertising, and as such this would appear to be natural evolution.

So what are the key features of Chrome OS:

  • Boot time of around 7 seconds for cold boots – Very quick if any of you have been through a full Linux or Windows boot
  • Panel based navigation system – meaning you don’t have to leave the page you are currently working on
  • Integration with current Chrome OS look and feel.

An Introduction to Chrome OS

The Chrome OS GUI Interface

So what are my first impressions, well
1) Appears to be very geared towards the netbook market.
2) Look and feel is very similar to that of a Linux KDE environment.
3) Some very nice additions – really do liked the panel application tabs – and the popup layers

However a couple of questions still remain
1) Can this scale to enterprise level rollouts
2) Are there any other suppliers rolling out apps for Chrome – or is this only going to run Google proprietary software to start with
3) What is the minimum system spec for such a machine.

Its nowhere near ready for full rollout – however it is looking promising. However I certainly hope there is more thought in terms of integration than the was with the Chrome Rollout, as without this it may end up as just another Knol.

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