Google highlight forum posts in another change to SERP pages

by Peter Young on October 1, 2009 · 0 comments

It seems many of the posts I do these days (which have been intermittent recently due to heavy work commitments), are often about changes to the SERP pages, and in order not to change the habit of a lifetime it seems only right to start a potentially fruitful post with another such post.

Google showing revised forum results in SERPS

Whilst some people have been seeiing similar results over the last couple of weeks, Google official launched a new search feature yesterday which makes it easier to find forum posts or discussions relating to what you are searching on. The above example uses the term ‘getting from Rome to Florence’ and highlights a number of expanded forum results relevant to the search performed. Previously Google highlighted the forum relevance via a snippet underneath the title (as below)


This doesn’t seem to have received any mainstream traction within the SERP’s at present, as a number of terms performed returned no results other than those provided above, however I would suggest there should be more integration of the above snippets as time goes on

What is interesting on the above is that it goes on to reinforce the notion of Google being the new landing page, something I saw Jon Myers talk about quite extensively around two years back at SES London. Letting people make the decisions at a search engine level rather than enter the site, can’t help but reinforce such a notion particularly when considered alongside other such recent improvements to SERPs such as the Plusbox results and even the greater rollout of snippets within the SERPS, but thats another post…..

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