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by Peter Young on August 28, 2009 · 0 comments

Not sure whether I missed this (as it has been an extremely busy time of late), however Google again seem to be consistently at this point playing around with their search results pages. In particular the settings options appear to have moved to a more prominent home at the top right of the screen.


However the most noticeable change occurs once a user signs in.


When clicking on the settings option, you are now presented with two options
1) Search settings
2) Google Account Settings


It is therefore interesting to note possibly the biggest change of all. Most of us have grown up with the two options next to the Google search box, for advanced search and for preferences, however note below what happens to the search box in the new interface


Not a massive change however it does present probably one of the biggest changes to the primary search interface for a while.

* Hat tip to David Tutin (the Technical SEO executive here at Mediavest) for noticing this one

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