Google expands Google Insights for Search

by Peter Young on August 18, 2009 · 0 comments

It only seems fair following yesterdays post regarding the IP query facility available via Bing that I do a post on another improvement to Googles management intelligence tools, this time in the shape of Google Insights.

Amongst a number of changes introduced to the tool are the following:

  • New forecasting facility via the Google Insights interface. This is currently not available on all searches however this will provide a greater level of potential forecasting information to marketing professionalsIt should be noted that Google have caveated the launch with the following

    “This prediction model doesn’t take into account the context of the search term or its category, nor does it account for any business cycles that may be driving a specific market,” says Google in the Insights for Search Help Center. “Please treat these forecasts as estimates only, and not as exact predictions of future values.”

  • Geographically based trend tool which allows users to monitor changes in trends over time.  Users can query the tool to identify how potential search behaviour has changed based on changing parameters within the Insight interface

These are nice little additions to the Insights tool, however further expansion of particularly the forecasting tool would be good.

From a search perspective, one can only say, perhaps a little competition only fuels innovation….

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