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by Peter Young on July 24, 2009 · 1 comment

There is certainly no doubting that the UK Search Marketing sector is still fairly vibrant and certainly one of the most mature. As with many other channels, search marketing has been hit by the global recession, however there is no doubting it has faired far better than its traditional media counterparts such as Press (in particular), TV, Radio and even PR. There is also no doubt that there have been some interesting developments in terms of the traditional powerbrokers out there and more newcomers to the table.

The number of high profile agencies in the UK seems to be ever growing with traditional media agencies such as MediaVest joining existing search marketing specialist in offering enterprise level search marketing solutions. As a constant work in progress this is merely a starting point and something I will look to revisit on an ongoing basis.

As a starting point I have started pulling together a list of many of the agencies offering SEO in the UK, starting with some of the bigger agencies however we will refine as time goes on.

Whos who of SEO – Part 1

Mediavest (Manchester)
One of the largest media buying agencies in the UK, based out of Manchester and part of the vast Publicis empire. The SEO team was started in 2008 joins a well established search marketing team based in Manchester and has pulled in a number of high profile wins including new homes builder Barratt
Key Personnel: Jon Myers (Head of Search), Peter Young (Head of SEO)

Bigmouthmedia are well respected within the European search fraternity with a range of offices in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain (amongst others). Headquarted out of Edinburgh in Scotland they work with a number of well known brands including Hilton, Sky and British Airways to name a few
Key Personnel: Andrew Girdwood


Primary SEO focussed agency with offices in both London and New York, Greenlight have won a nunber of key accounts during the last couple of years including that of Vodaphone and GHD to add to existing clients Fish4 and Monarch
Key Personnel: Warren Cowan

Despite being based down in the South West, Guava command significant respect within the UK search marketing sector. Major clients include confused.com, the Post Office, Kaplan Open Learning and Nestle
Key Personnel: Teddy Cowell

Formally Spannersworks, the boys from Brighton are still a force to be reckoned with despite the lack of change of name. Active on the search marketing conference scene, iCrossing work with a number of respected clients including Virgin Holidays, Brussels Airlines and More Th>n
Key Personnel: Jonathan Stewart

Despite what can only be described as an up and down year, Latitude appear to be on the way back up. Under the leadership of Alex Hoye, Latitude have started to bring in a number of key wins including Virgin Games and Land Rover
Key Personnel: Andy Heaps (Alex Hoye)

Still primarily a paid search specialist in terms of revenue share, Steak are still a big player of the UK search marketing arena. Key clients include Help the aged, Boxfresh and Visit London
Key Personnel: Oliver Bishop

Recent wins have already seen significant growth from Leeds based Epiphany, with a search team of 30 now meaning Epipany could be considered a player in the UK search market. Clients include CBI, Holiday Cottages Group and more recently casino operator Genting
Key Personnel: Robin Skidmore

Ones to watch

Verve Search
Newly started by Mrs Jon Myers, Lisa Myers (nee Ditlefsen) in early 2009, Verve Search are certainly one to watch. With a couple of good early wins under their belt they are certainly one to watch for the remainder of 2009 and 2010 in particular.
Key Personnel: Lisa Myers

Probably not one of the names out there that would slip immediately off the tongue and possibly better known because of the Patrick Altoft (yes he of Blogstorm fame). Patricks profile has certainly blossomed over the course of the last couple of years and there is no doubting there is more to come from the Branded 3 boys.
Key Personnel: Patrick Altoft

SE Optimise
Kevin Gibbons, Stuart Toft and the boys have had a busy year, and have been getting more and more coverage as time goes on. Key clients include ITJobboard and Oxford University Press
Key Personnel: Kevin Gibbons

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Lisa D Myers July 27, 2009 at 9:40 am

Thanks for including Verve Search in the “one to watch” :) Even if it is as Mrs Jon Myers (hmpf…lol)

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