Can anyone topple Google ?

by Guest Author on May 18, 2009 · 0 comments

By James Hanson

As part of our ongoing Guest Post series, James Hanson explores whether Wolfram Alpha can be considered a serious rival to Google

Every other week a new search engine gets released and is touted in the “mass media” as a Google rival, but ask anyone to remember the name of the new engine in a couple of weeks and I doubt if they can, let alone use it.

So another week and another new launch this weeks is Wolfram Alpha – hailed by the BBC on its new Home page as ” a significant rival to search giant Google” – ( I wonder if the BBC also reports every time a new shop opens somewhere in the UK, as it being latest rival to Tesco?)

So how is Wolfrem different its called a computation knowledge engine but what does that mean – well instead of sending you results and links to other internet pages (a search engine) it give you direct answers to queries you type in (although at the moment it’s a little US centric). The results are a little geeky, lots of graphs and stats – its more of a Wikipedia than, a Google.

So a noble try by a small start up, but destined to rival Google, probably not.

In the last couple of weeks Ask re-introduced the butler in a new multi million pound advertising campaign – but even this is good for Google, as in the UK they get advertising revenue as their sponsored ads appear on Ask.

Yahoo are still in decline and MSN never really took off.

At the end of all this we get back to the question, can anyone topple Google? – my answer John Connor !!

James Hanson is a PPC Specialist at MVi in Manchester. Follow all James thoughts at

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