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by Peter Young on February 18, 2009 · 1 comment

This is a response to our previous article on SearchWiki results being shown on Google Adwords results last week. The nice people at Google have sent me a quick FAQ on the SearchWiki Trial. The key points being

  • Small Experiment at present
  • Troggered only on a small number of SearchWiki users
  • Users that remove a result will no longer trigger that specific ad for that user
  • Ads do not affect quality score, CPCs or ranking, but may in the future
  • Advertisers will not be able to see reports on ad removal at present
  • Advertisers are charged for clicks as usual

Below is the response:

What is this experiment?

This is a small experiment to show the SearchWiki “X” next to AdWords ads on search results pages.

Is there a formal name for this feature?


How big is the experiment?

The experiment triggers for a small number of SearchWiki users. SearchWiki is launched to most (but not all) signed-in US English users.

What happens to ads that users remove?

Ads that users remove will no longer trigger for that user on that query.

Are we using this data to impact advertisers’ Quality Scores or CPCs?

Not at this time. The experiment does not affect Quality Scores, CPCs, ranking, or anything else.

Will we use the data for Quality Score or other purposes in the future?

It it too soon to say how we will use the data in the future.

Are advertisers charged for clicks during this experiment?

Yes, advertisers are charged for clicks as usual.

If an ad is removed, does it still count as an impression?

Yes, any time an ad is shown to a user, an impression is counted.

Can advertisers opt out of this experiment?


Can advertisers see reports on ad removal?

Not in this experiment.

Will we be launching this feature to all users? Will we be expanding it to the content network?

It is too soon to say what the next steps are. We are currently gathering and analyzing the data from this small experiment.

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SirBigWig February 18, 2009 at 10:46 am

Do you think we could get “wiki fraud” instead of click fraud?

SirBigWig’s last blog post..Google Automatic Matching

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