Google testing SearchWiki on paid search ads

by Peter Young on February 15, 2009 · 2 comments

Really????? Well it appears to according to some observations from the Webmasterworld forum. In a strange move (imo) from Google it appears that have extended part of the functionality of SearchWiki into the paid search ads (ie that part being the ability to remove results from the results page – denoted by the x). Given that these results are not algorithmically generated (or at least to the extent of the organic results), and the fact that advertisers are paying to display these ads, it is a brave/strange (take your pick) move by Google.

This doesnt appear to have propogated into the mainstream (yet – certainly in the UK I am not seeing this) – and would appear to be limited in terms of testing, however both Rehan and Rustybrick raise an interesting question in terms of how such functionality would impact on Quality Score – which I would suggest would be one of the motivational factors from Google behind deploying this in the paid search ads. However whilst this would in all likelihood only reduce potential coverage only slightly (given the amount of manipulation browsers actually apply to their search results), it has a potential to impact on advertiser impact and as such I would suggest that this would probably have a more vocal response if rolled out fully.

I would be therefore very interested to see how well such functionality would go down with the agencies, given the luke warm response to the original SearchWiki rollout.

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Update:Hat-tip to my colleague, Tom Cull at MediaVest on this one, however it appears this is now happening on UK searches as well

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Eduard Blacquière February 15, 2009 at 7:36 am

Interesting test indeed.

Although the bid of the advertiser has a strong amount of weight in the sponsored ranking, the quality score algorithm is gaining in weight.

It would be very interesting if SearchWiki would be default for AdWords ads as well and how it would weight in the quality score.

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Michael Oxley February 18, 2009 at 6:50 am

A very interesting experiment by google indeed. Since adverts do not necessarily appear in repeat SERPs anyway, strange that they would let users think they had control.

And why not add the “up” button also?

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