Class of 2009: Meet Google Preferred Sites

by Peter Young on January 19, 2009 · 0 comments

Hot on the heels of Google Searchwiki back in 2008 comes Preferred Sites,  a new experimental feature for Google Search that lets you personalize the results by adding a list of sites you want to appear more often when you search. Based on your search history, Google suggests some frequently-visited sites, so that your searches match your unique tastes and needs.

It should be noted, – that much like SearchWiki – the Preferred Sites feature only works when you are logged in. Thus if you are not logged in you will not have the Prefered Sites option enabled. If you are logged in, you can edit your preferred sites via the Google Preferences page. Once these options have been saved any searches returned will have the ‘Preferred Site’ option live next to the site

I will be honest, I am not a great fan of the SearchWiki functionality, however I am a bigger fan of the SearchWiki than the Preferred Sites functionality. In a way it seems to go against the whole relevance argument that Google has strived so hard for, for so long – and to a certain extent I think thats a shame.

I guess only time will tell whether this ever goes mainstream, however I guess at the end it will come down to one thing – Usability. If users don’t derive benefit from it, it will go the same way as the Google Notebook…

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