Paid Search ads appearing on Image Searches

by Peter Young on January 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Doing a search on ‘search marketing’ this morning highlighted something new this morning on the image search feature within Google

Paid Search ads on image search

Paid Search ads on image search

The number of results returned appears limited to three at present, all presented across the top of the results pane, above the image results themselves, and whether this is further extended to follow the traditional search pages is still to be seen.

Whilst the integration of new functionality within the Google pages is not suprising – given all the recent differences noticed, such as the longer description snippets, the timing is suprising given the announcement of a number of tools/services being ceased yesterday.

First impressions are I quite like it, and I can certainly some mileage on it on more visually reliant searches, such as products (ie Golf clubs etc). Time will tell whether this stays or goes the way of Google Notebook

* Hat tip to my colleague at Mediavest, Tom Cull on this one

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