Google Approved SEO – Are you looking for one?

by Peter Young on January 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Just been reading Dave Naylor’s blog, and had to smile at his latest post regarding a potential SEO opportunity. In the post, Dave described how the potential client was suprised that they did not have to put a link back to their website (something on a personal level – I have always thought should be stopped – after all what offline advertiser puts ‘made by x on their offline press’). At the end of the conversation Dave asked how they had found him, to which the response came back that they had performed a search for ‘Google Approved SEO‘.

Now most people are aware of the lack of any approved SEO scheme by Google, something I doubt we will see for a long time – if ever. Certainly Google seem to be more proactive in terms of SEO advice than they have ever been (the recent SEO guide being one such example), however there is still some way to go in terms of SEO acceptance from Google in my opinion – particularly in terms of how the off-page optimisation is handled. However thats getting a bit of topic , however I would suggest that this does still highlight the requirement to at least get some form of ‘standardisation’/benchmark behind the community, so that potential customers are not put of SEO as a whole by unscrupulous search marketeers. As much as we as an industry can drive this, ultimately I would suggest someone like Google is going to have to put their ‘stamp of authority’ behind it to give it any real ‘external’ credibility.

In the meantime, if you have time, pop along for a read down at Dave’s blog – if not for that post for the range of other posts on the website.

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