Is Marissa Mayer really leaving Google?

by Peter Young on December 31, 2008 · 0 comments

Rumour is rife at the moment that Marissa Mayer, Google’s 19th employee may make 2009 her last year with Google. According to a post at Gawker, “Top Googlers” were overheard talking about the real possibility of Mayer departing the Google Nest.

If the rumour is true, there is likely to be no shortage of potential opportunities for Ms Meyer. Whilst she already lectures part time at Stanford university, teaching computer science – one cannot help thinking a surge of new venture capital opportunities may try and sway her to give a new startup another opportunity. However given the fact that she was/is Google’s 19th employee (aka filthy rich), one would suggest any new venture is unlikely to be financially based.

In terms of impact, it is unlikely to operationally hit as hard as some previous (ex) Google employees – Sheryl Sandberg being one example, however she is a popular figure, both within the Google campus and within the wider community.

Should the rumours be true, I am sure she will make a success of whatever she decides to do.

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